Pace Passion is a modern blog that contains all the necessary information about running, training, strength exercises, running equipment, and nutrition for runners.

Having high expertise in running, our team of professional athletes, sports & condition experts, personal coaches, and nutritionists is responsible for presenting trustworthy content of high quality supported by valid and authentic sources.

Our project adheres to high principles to guarantee the information’s adequacy, integrity, and trustworthiness. We vouch for fact-checked information revised by specialized experts in the running niche. Trusted links to credible sources support all the scientific statements.

Mission and Purpose of Writing Articles

The mission of the PacePassion project is to create, promote, and share high-quality content in the area of running. Our content extends to nutrition, accessory exercises, running equipment, and other topics relevant to running athletes of all levels.

We believe that running is not just a physical activity or type of cardio training but a journey that will transform our minds and improve our bodies. Our team believes in the power of persistence, dedication, patience, and hard work that every sport demands. We will uncover how running can be a driving force and push us beyond our limits, both mentally and physically.

Our mission is to support every runner and help them become stronger, more durable, and more efficient with every running session. That’s why our articles aim to help you stay fit and well-conditioned, improve your running technique, and be healthier.

Our Author Team

Our team of writers have deep expertise in running. Some of our content writers are not only professional authors but also seasoned running athletes and coaches, strength & conditioning specialists, nutritionists, rehab therapists, and personal coaches. When working with articles backed by scientific facts, they try to convey the meaning clearly, eliminating statements that are complex for understanding and explaining intricate scientific facts in plain language.

Our mission and goal are to help every runner become stronger and more efficient. Thus, we try to accommodate our content to advanced runners and those who are just starting to run. A great part of the articles is composed by professional runners, S&C specialists, and coaches. Articles that refer to training programs, strength exercises, and nutrition plans are written by professional athletes and certified nutritionists.

Our writers strive to meet the needs of runners of all levels. We consider the demands of experienced runners, amateurs, and recreational runners who treat running as a hobby and a lifestyle.

We do not approve any AI-generated content on our website. You will find only human-written content created by professional writers and editors that meets your needs.

Subject Expertise

PacePassion is one of the educational online projects founded by the Olympic champion Oleksiy Torokhtiy along with his other projects, such as and Warm Body Cold Mind.

You can be sure that the information in the articles is prepared and verified by profound running experts. Thus, you can try your journey in running with us or progress if you are an advanced athlete.

Oleksiy gathered top experts in the field of sports, from certified running coaches and seasoned runners to sports scientists and rehabilitologists who are dedicated to their profession and are ready to uncover and solve all the intricacies of running.

The PacePassion team vouches for high-quality guidance for runners and provides personalized support. Due to such an immense experience, we understand the needs of every athlete regarding their equipment, training, and nutrition programs.

Trusted Links, Sources, and Citations

We’re responsible for providing authoritative scientific sources on the articles to back up particular statements referring to specific research, analysis, and fact confirmation. This way we ensure the credibility and trustworthiness of our content. To support the statements, we use true-to-fact research from outside sources and cite our certified experts to increase our reputability and recognizability.

Our writers use only up-to-date studies conducted within the latest years to prove the content’s adequacy. In addition, we share opinions and advice from our sports specialists to add more reputability to our articles. Our priority is to create transparent, informative, and unique content supported by scientific facts and authoritative opinions and thoughts.

Outside source links are intended to provide additional context for the discussed subjects and indicate the cited sources. These resources do not necessarily reflect the opinion of PacePassion or our editorial team, although they may reflect our position and viewpoint. Our articles include highlighted hyperlinks in the text, while the full references list can be found at the end of each article.

Independence and Impartiality

PacePassion is a trusted educational online project that covers the niche of running. We guarantee the ultimate independence and objectiveness of our content. Each product review, training, or nutrition program was created considering experts’ backgrounds in running sports.

No third party influences our product and supplement reviews — we’re independent from any sports brand we observe or any other expert outside our team. We aim to provide truthful information in product analysis and assessment.

Our experts review products by assessing their quality according to the previously defined factors. Thus, our readers get true-to-fact assessments based on objective facts.

As a result, we create unbiased content that we align with the needs and requirements of our targeted audience: both amateur and experienced runners.

Accuracy and Corrections

Aiming to provide readers with exemplary and fact-checked content, some mistakes may occur occasionally. We realize the importance of information precision, so we try to eliminate all errors found on the website.

In case you find inaccurate or outdated information, we ask you to inform us as soon as possible at [email protected]. We’re open to any relevant and reasonable comments concerning the content quality. Our target is to maintain high-quality, authentic, and reliable content without mistakes.

Review Policy

When it comes to reviewing the product, we follow the step-by-step system that includes assessing and analyzing the equipment, accessories, and supplements for runners. We test each product considering a defined range of specs, such as durability, comfort, design, value for money, etc. We select relevant specs for each item to provide truthful and reliable review.

In addition, we provide readers with positives and negatives of each reviewed product. Consequently, readers will be able to make a weighted decision and pick up fitting equipment. If you have questions about the product review process, please, contact us at [email protected].

How We Make Money

We make money through various forms of collaboration, such as affiliate links, advertising blocks, sponsored product reviews.

We put affiliate links to the product  reviews. This way we set up affiliate and sponsorship connections with the companies of the same niche, namely those manufacturing running equipment, accessories, and supplements.

We display sponsored posts and products on our website, while the rest of the content contains our opinion based on our personal product reviews and/or information from other sources.

As an Amazon Associate, we may earn money from qualifying purchases.The information published on the website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content, including texts, other visual content, and information contained on or accessible through this website, is for general information purposes only.


Being an educational project specializing in running and sports overall, Pace Passion is dedicated to bring adequate and trusted information supported by expert opinions and scientific facts.

We are eager to support and advance your fitness goals in running with the help of professional running athletes, trainers, and nutritionists who will prioritize your needs. Pace Passion is responsible for helping runners of all levels find the best equipment to improve their running performance.

We use a comprehensive approach for reviewing running and supplements for runners, so we only recommend products that we test and use ourselves.

Editorial Contact

If you have any questions, comments, or propositions concerning our content or promoting our project, please email us at [email protected]. Additionally, you can fill out the contact form, and we will call or write you back as soon as possible.