On our website, we test various products for running: shoes, clothing, equipment, and supplements. This allows us to provide you with expert-level and trustful evaluations of these items to save you time, nerves, and money.

How We Create Reviews for Running Products

The pacepassion.com blog team unites professional runners, experienced coaches, fitness enthusiasts, nutritionists, and physiotherapists. Their collective experience fuels our commitment to thoroughly evaluate and recommend products that meet not only the highest market standards but also your needs in running.

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We purchase running products that we plan to review and test them thoroughly. This hands-on approach gives us a deep understanding and analysis of each item, allowing us to honestly assess its positives and downsides. In case we can’t purchase some products in person, we thoroughly research open sources, including scientific studies, user reviews, videos, and third-party reviews.

Our Team

We take pride in the fact that our team comprises only professional running experts who have great expertise and experience in the running sport and sports in general. Our team consists of certified running coaches, seasoned runners, nutritionists, licensed physical therapists, and strength and conditioning specialists who dedicated their careers to understanding the intricacies of running.

How We Evaluate Products for Running

As we mentioned earlier, we buy products to test and evaluate them in specific conditions, e.g. while running on treadmills and tracks, and in gyms where we usually train. Before presenting the final review, we also analyze information from leading reputable websites and consider users’ feedback.

For each product category, we define specific criteria and rate them on a 5-point scale. Each review reflects the characteristics of the products and the impressions they made during testing. Our item lists typically include the best overall product, runner-up choice, the best budget and premium options, and selections tailored to specific types of runners. This allows a reader to find their perfect option.

When working on the reviews, we pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Product quality
  • Comfort while running
  • Materials
  • Durability
  • Design and aesthetics
  • Value for money
  • Sensory factors such as texture and odor
  • Usability


Our research begins by looking at the topic of each article and determining what products we should select.

If products should help with injuries (for example, in case of bad knees or plantar fasciitis), first we determine which features a product should have to help with that problem.

For articles that address specific products, we figure out which features are vital for that type of product. We also search for products that will fit runners of different levels. A trail runner will differ from a flat-surface runner because of varying needs in running shoes. We don’t want to leave anyone out, so we find awesome products to help everyone.

We look for products that fit the article topic and our reader’s needs. However, we also ensure that each one has a good value, is durable and long-lasting, and that it’s a quality product from a reputable company.

Moreover, we check that the products we recommend are currently available. Since today items are regularly upgraded and improved, we work hard to make sure that if you click on a link on the website, you’ll be redirected to the most current product with a great selection of size and color options.

How We Make Sure Our Ratings Are Accurate

We are confident that our ratings are trustworthy and accurate as we not only gather information from several sources but also consider our experts’ point of view. Personal experience, brands’ websites, and reputable review sites are the background for our all-inclusive product descriptions.

Another important part is the use of real customer experiences by reviewing their feedbacks. Before writing reviews, we gather feedback from as many different people as possible (including our team members) and bring you the most accurate information.

Runner keeping track of heart rate while running

How We Earn Money

We receive a small commission when the readers click on the links we put in the review text and shop online. It is important to note that this fee does not increase the cost of the product to you. In addition, you may notice advertising banners in our articles. However, we don’t control the content of these ads since they are tailored to individual users based on various factors, including the sphere of their interest and which requests they make more often.

We also get revenue thanks to various forms of collaboration, such as affiliate links and sponsored product reviews. This way we set up affiliate and sponsorship connections with the companies of the same niche.

We conduct our own research and testing of the chosen products that are picked up independently without influence from sports brands and manufacturers we cooperate with. We never take money directly from a company. Our team is proud to make unbiased selections without the need to satisfy anyone but our readers’ needs.

We make money from affiliate sales: if you click on a link and buy something from that store, we get a small commission. That’s how we fund our site, and it costs you nothing, as these fees are paid by the seller. 

We only recommend brands with strong reputations that provide high-quality products and offer fast shipping, easy returns, and reliability. You won’t find any shady sellers in our product reviews.

Why you can trust us

The integrity and authenticity of our blog is crucial, so all reviews and ratings of our products are created by experienced runners who take into account their years of experience. You can learn more about our authors on the About Us page.

Our articles also include real photos and videos taken during the evaluation of our products. This unique approach allows us to impartially evaluate the quality of products and their relevance for runners of different levels of fitness.

We’re passionate about what we do: we strive to bring every runner products of exceptional quality that will fully satisfy their needs and serve them for a long time. We also keep our reputation clean, which is why we are a 100% independent source with personal features and style.

Questions and Ideas

If you notice any mistake or inconsistency in our reviews or have any recommendation or valuable information about the products we review, feel free to share your opinion and email us at [email protected].