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PhD in Sport Science📚, Recreational Weightlifter 🏋🏻‍♂️, Head of Sport Science

Short info

  • 20 years in Oly Weightlifting
    Best Results:
  • Snatch – 165 kg
  • C&J – 200 kg


Serhii Oleksandrovych Putsov is a renowned figure in the world of sports, holding a PhD in Sport Science, with expertise in Olympic weightlifting, Strength & Conditioning coaching, and fitness training.


Sergii’s attended the National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine, where he embarked on his academic journey:

  • June 2003: Bachelor’s degree in strength training and physical education.
  • June 2004: Master’s degree in Olympic and Professional Sport.
  • October 2008: Completed a postgraduate course and earned a PhD, demonstrating his commitment to advancing the field of sports science.

    Additionally, Sergii furthered his knowledge and expertise through international experiences:
  • Institut National du Sport de l’Expertise et de la Performance (France): In May 2006, he pursued an internship.
  • International Olympic Academy (Greece): In July 2008, he completed a postgraduate course.


Sergii Putsov’s journey in the realm of sports began as a professional Olympic weightlifter and National team member. Competing in the 94 kg weight category, he achieved remarkable success, securing numerous medals in national competitions. Presently, he serves as the programming director at and holds the position of Head Coach at Training Club Discipline in Kyiv, Ukraine.

As an Olympic weightlifting coach, Sergii worked with athletes at both national and international levels. He also served as a strength and conditioning coach for athletes in diverse sports such as track & field, fencing, basketball, sailing, and boxing. Notably, in 2019, he played a pivotal role in enhancing the strength training of the WBA, WBO, IBF, IBO world boxing champion, Oleksandr Usyk.

Sergii’s collaboration with the Ukrainian Olimpic weighlifiting champion Oleksiy Torokhtiy has been instrumental in the global promotion of Olympic weightlifting. Since 2015, they have been actively involved in coaching and teaching, conducting seminars worldwide, both in person and online, to inspire the next generation of weightlifters.

Achievements and Competitions:

Sergii Putsov’s exceptional achievements in the 94 kg weight category include:

  • National Club Cup 2003: Bronze medal, with lifts of 150 kg in snatch and 187.5 kg in Clean and Jerk.
  • National Students Championship 2004: Gold medal, showcasing his prowess with lifts of 160 kg in snatch and 190 kg in Clean & Jerk.
  • National Universiade 2005: Silver medal, lifting 160 kg in snatch and 187.5 kg in Clean & Jerk.
  • National Ukrainian Championship 2006: Silver medal, lifting 163 kg in snatch and 195 kg in Clean & Jerk.
  • Hookgrip Spartakiad, USA, 2016: Gold medal, with lifts of 132 kg in snatch and 155 kg in Clean & Jerk.

Sergii Putsov’s impressive records include a Snatch of 163 kg and a Clean & Jerk of 195 kg.


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