Camila Parente Santos

Sports Nutritionist

Short info

  • Sports Nutrition (7 years of nutritionist experience)
  • Dietary Prescription for Athletes
  • Endurance Sports Nutrition
  • Weightlifting and Functional Fitness Nutrition (2 years of Amateur Weightlifting experience)
  • Supplementation Strategies

Main expertise spans various sports:

  • soccer
  • endurance activities: runners and triathletes
  • weightlifting
  • functional fitness.

Brief Information

Camila is a dedicated and experienced nutritionist with a passion for promoting optimal performance through personalized dietary strategies. With a background in both professional sports settings and private practice, Camila utilises a comprehensive approach to nutrition, tailoring guidance to individual needs of athletes.


Universidade Federal Do Estado Do Rio de Janeiro, Nutricionista.

Biography and Expirience:

Throughout her career, she actively contributed to improving the nutrition of athletes in various disciplines. Still being a nutrition intern at Flamengo, one of Brazil’s leading football clubs, she played a key role in improving the performance of young athletes. Responsibilities included: close monitoring during games, development of individual dietary plans, nutrition education through lectures and prescription of personalized supplements.

Experiences with endurance:
Experience interacting with different types of athletes: triathletes, 21-K runners and trail runners, cyclists.

Weightlifting and Functional Fitness:
Camila is a nutritionist for an amateur Olympic weightlifting team called TEAM CAMPEIRO, where her main responsibility is to develop nutrition strategies that support the team’s competitive advantage.

Also in private practice, Kamila has hands-on experience advising amateur athletes in functional fitness, guiding them to success in state and national competitions with customized nutrition plans.



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