Running Without Socks – 5 Benefits of Running Sockless

Have you ever thought about running without socks? Imagine it: running barefoot, with just your foot inside the sneaker. Have you given sockless running a try?

When you hear that someone is running without socks, it’s perfectly understandable to be slightly surprised and even confused, especially if you have no idea of the benefits barefoot running brings. The mental image might involve your feet getting uncomfortably warm within your sneakers as you run, causing sweat to build up. This is especially true if the sneakers you’re wearing lack proper breathability. And let’s not even start with the smell… Will you live through that?

However, the concept of barefoot running holds numerous benefits that can override your current concerns. To make things even easier, we’ll also provide recommendations for no sock sneakers.

Forget those socks, lace up your shoes, and let’s see how to wear shoes without socks!

What are the benefits of running without socks?

There’s a lot to gain when it comes to running without socks. It’s not just about health and fitness – it’s about feeling more connected to the ground. It helps to build stronger foot muscles, and even improves your running technique.

Running Without Socks: Features and Benefits

Typically, you run with socks on, right? That makes sense because they absorb sweat and provide a soft cushion between your foot and the sneaker. So why would you take them off if you’re wearing sneakers? Believe it or not, it does have a pretty impressive set of benefits.

Yes, it might seem a bit weird, and it’s understandable that you’re worried about the aftermath (will your sneakers be forever ruined, or will they air out?), but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.
Lots of runners decide to sometimes skip the socks, and when they give it a shot, they end up running without socks more often.

The improved connection to the ground is usually why people decide to start – it can enhance proprioception, and if you’re really into running, it will feel great to sense the terrain more. Moreover, running without socks can prevent injuries and even help existing ones. But that’s just the beginning.

Run in ASICS tri 13 Running Shoes with no socks

5 Benefits of Running Without Socks

Now we’re getting into some detail about why you should give barefoot running a go.

1. More Connection to the Ground

This is the first thing you’ll notice – the connection to the ground when you’re running without socks is absolutely unparalleled. You’ll feel all the textures, surfaces, and temperatures more, and this can improve proprioception – your awareness of your body’s position and movement.

2. Less Friction

One of the best things about running without socks is less risk of blisters and friction. Socks can sometimes be an extra layer that does nothing but rub against your skin, causing major discomfort and possibly even irritation. By going sockless, there’s no potentially problematic extra layer (the socks). This is beneficial, particularly for those long runs.

3. Better Shoe Fit

Some people like the unique fit that running without socks gives. Without the socks, the runners feel the contours of the shoe better. This results in a more personalized fit.

4. Better Heat Dissipation

Running makes you hot – everybody knows that. Your feet, just like the rest of your body, aren’t immune to a rise in body temperature. Because of that, your feet might feel overheated and can become sweaty.

However, by opting not to wear socks, your shoes have additional space for better air circulation. This increased airflow facilitates a more effective cooling process.

5. Stronger Foot Muscles

If you’re running sockless, your intrinsic muscles are more engaged. Without socks, your muscles must work harder to maintain stability. This exerted effort will, over time, increase the strength of your feet.

5 Disadvantages of Running Without Socks

Sockless running is awesome, and everyone should at least give it a try. To be fair, though, it’s not completely perfect, and it does have its flaws.

1. Odor and Moisture Buildup

When you mention sockless running to someone, they’ll mostly think about the smell. And, yes, that does happen. Socks were designed to keep your feet warm, but due to the material (cotton), they tend to absorb sweat really well. When you combine that with the high temperature in the shoe, it creates a perfect environment for the development of bacteria. And this results in odor development and also for the shoes to retain any moisture coming off your skin.

2. Allergies

For runners with sensitive skin, the absence of that extra layer the socks would give may not be ideal. Shoes contain dyes and glues that will come in direct contact with your skin, and they can cause irritations, itching, and redness.

3. Less Support

Overall, the socks will make your feet more comfortable. Without them, your impact absorption and foot support are decreased. This can be noticeable especially if you’re a beginner and your body is just getting used to all the motions of running.

4. Hygiene Concerns

Running shoes are not that easy to clean and, without socks, it’s even harder. All the sweat coming off your skin has nowhere to go and can’t be absorbed, so it just lingers in your shoes, building up over time. Since bacteria and fungi thrive in warm and humid conditions, especially if it’s an environment that doesn’t get cleaned regularly. Because of that, running without socks, if you’re not careful, can lead to developing athlete’s foot.

5. Chafing

Chafing is quite common with runners who do not wear socks. Direct contact between the skin and the shoe interior can lead to chafing, especially in the areas where the shoes have seams and edges. Chafing, in turn, can result in skin abrasions, which usually take some time to heal.

5 Tips on How to Wear Shoes Without Socks for Running

If you want to try it out – congratulations on deciding to get out of your comfort zone. Let’s see how to do it easily and bypass most of the disadvantages it can have.

Shoes to wear without socks

1. Right Shoes

This is one of the most important things – you need actual running shoes that are designed to be worn without socks. Such shoes are usually seamless and very soft on the inside. Get a pair that’s breathable and has mesh textures over the surface.

2. Fit

Shoes need to feel comfortable (that’s paramount). That means, not too tight or too loose. Shoes that are tight can cause blisters and chafing.

3. Start Slow

The first time you decide to leave the socks behind and go running sockless it’s crucial not to overexert yourself. Go for shorter runs and allow yourself time to get used to this way of running.

4. Good Hygiene

It should go without saying, but just so you don’t accidentally forget – good hygiene is essential. You want to prevent bacterial growth, or you’ll be at risk of having to deal with some nasty and potentially harmful consequences. Wash your feet thoroughly before and after every run and make sure the shoes are clean and dry before you put them on. Antiperspirants and foot powder can do wonders for managing moisture buildup.

5. Shoe Maintenance

Remove the insoles after every run and air dry them. Don’t put them back in the shoes until you’re sure they’re 100% dry. Dirty shoes are a breeding ground for bacteria, and we don’t want that.

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How to Choose the Right Running Shoes Without Socks

You know how important it is to choose the correct pair of shoes, but do you know what to pay attention to and how to choose them?

The wrong pair of shoes can give you all sorts of issues – odor, bacterial growth, discomfort, and even injuries. However, if you choose them correctly, your feet will be comfortable, you’ll have no blisters or discomfort, and your running technique will be improved.

1. Support

A good pair of shoes will support your feet and have enough stability to keep them aligned properly. With this approach, there’s a lot less risk of overpronation or supination, which can lead to injuries and pain.

2. Impact Absorption

When you try them on, see if the shoes have enough cushioning to absorb the impact while you’re running. You shouldn’t feel major pain in your knees, feet, or lower back when you’re running – unless the shoes are not the right one for your needs.

3. Circulation

When choosing your shoes, ensure that they aren’t too tight. You don’t want your shoes to impede/restrict your blood flow. They shouldn’t be loose either; you want the fit to be snug, but not tight and uncomfortable.

4. Comfort

You should feel no friction, rubbing, or pressure when you have them on. The shoes need to be comfortable. If they’re not – keep looking, they’re not for you. Uncomfortable shoes will have you focusing on the discomfort instead of running.

Man running in shoes without socks

Best Shoes to Wear Without Socks

1. ASICS Men’s Noosa Tri 13 Running Shoes

Putting on these running shoes will make your feet jump for joy as they offer everything you need – breathability, support, and comfort. They have mesh material to make the heat dissipate easier, and the cushioning is lightweight, but still soft and comfortable.

ASICS Noosa Tri 13

ASICS Men’s Noosa Tri 13 Running Shoes

They’re great at absorbing shock and reducing ankle flexion due to their Guidesole technology. These shoes may not be the best for beginners, though, because the soles are a bit stiffer than expected. For anyone else, however, these are a great pick!


  • Mesh upper for breathability
  • Guidesole technology
  • Lightweight


  • Stiff soles
ASICS Noosa Tri 13

2. WHITIN Men’s Minimalist Trail Runner

Not only do these running shoes look good, but the WHITIN Men’s Minimalist Trail Runner’s also feel great! These are available in a cluster of colors, and they’re definitely one of the best running shoes to wear without socks.

WHITIN Minimalist Trail Runner

WHITIN Men’s Minimalist Trail Runner

The rubber soles can really take a beating, but they’re still soft enough for anyone to be comfortable in them. For those seeking the closest experience to running barefoot, the removable insole allows you to achieve the utmost barefoot sensation. The wide-toe box is a great addition because your feet will have more than enough space to spread and relax.


  • Removable insoles
  • Soft soles
  • Available in a lot of colors


  • They run big
WHITIN Minimalist Trail Runner

3. Nike Mens Free Rn 2018 Running Shoe

Nowadays, proper hygiene is always a must, and you absolutely need to keep your feet clean. But after you’re done with your run, you can just toss these in the washer and give them a thorough cleaning. This is a huge deal for anyone that takes hygiene seriously.

Top Pick

Nike Free Run 2018

Nike Mens Free Rn 2018 Running Shoe

These running shoes are the most comfortable pair on the list, and they hold up well. You’ll find them soft and supportive on the inside, but durable on the outside. If your feet are really wide, you may not have good luck with them, as they are quite narrow. But if that’s not the case, go ahead and give them a try.


  • Removable insoles
  • Soft soles
  • Available in a lot of colors


  • They run big
Nike Free Run 2018

4. WHITIN Men’s Barefoot & Minimalist Shoe

The price of these running shoes without socks is phenomenal and if you’re trying to see if sockless running would suit you, don’t look for any other shoes – get these. Your wallet won’t take a hit, and you’ll still be left with a great pair of shoes, even if you decide to keep the socks on.

Top Pick

WHITIN Barefoot & Minimalist Shoe

WHITIN Men’s Barefoot & Minimalist Shoe

The anatomical shape makes them very comfortable and the zero drop will make your stride very natural. The minimalist look is sure to please everyone, and they run true to size.


  • Anatomical design
  • Zero drop
  • Affordable


  • Hard to put on
WHITIN Barefoot & Minimalist Shoe

5. Xero Shoes Men’s HFS Running Shoes

The Xero Shoes are shoes meant to be worn without socks. The Men’s HFS running shoes are made with absolutely no animal products because Xero believes in a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. So, for all you vegans out there, these are the running shoes you want!

Xero HFS Barefoo Running Shoes

Xero Shoes Men’s HFS Running Shoes

They will have you feeling the ground almost like you’re barefoot and allow your feet to move and flex without any constrictions. But they still provide a good amount of support, just like running shoes should.


  • Very flexible
  • Big toe box
  • Vegan


  • Pricey
Xero HFS Barefoo Running Shoes

Frequently Asked Questions About Running Without Socks

Is it good to run without socks?

This is something you’ll need to decide for yourself. Running sockless can bring about reduced friction, enhanced technique, and improved proprioception. However, it’s important to note that it can also result in blisters, injuries, and discomfort. So, the decision is yours!

Is it bad to wear shoes without socks?

If you wear a sockless running shoe, then you’re at risk of increased foot sweat, odor, blisters, and possibly fungal infections. But, if you take the necessary processions (foot powder, antibacterial spray, opting for washable insoles, strips to prevent blisters, etc.), you can minimize or even negate them. However, research on the topic is still limited, so there’s really no definitive answer.

Final Thoughts on Running Without Socks

The running shoes no socks approach is a phenomenal way to spice up your workouts, and with proper shoes, it’s sure to be quite an experience! If you don’t push yourself too hard and maintain good hygiene, you should have no issues with it.

So, do you run without socks, or does the mere thought of it send shivers down your spine? Have you noticed any benefits after you decided to dump the socks and go barefoot? What do you think are the best shoes to wear without socks?

Leave any thoughts in the comments!

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